What’s On TV Tonight(9/24/18)

It’s here! The new fall TV season has arrived. This is the first of my what’s on TV posts. I will be doing this daily, so be prepared. I’ve decided this year to do each network’s schedule followed by my thoughts on the shows. I think that might make the post better. Maybe? But first, some words on the TV critic for the Washington Post. I’m not a fan. Today he did an article on some new,  bad shows. This is fine, but the article had an elitist tinge to it, looking down on people who must watch network TV. How the shows must be simple to grab the network viewers. I guess we aren’t sophisticated enough for the guy who only watches “elite” TV. Now on to the shows:

ABC: Dancing with the Stats at 8 followed by The Good Doctor at 10.

I have never watched a minute of Dancing with the Stars. I don’t think watching faded stars dance for two hours sounds fun. The dance groups on America’s Got Talent are my least favorite part. I guess I’m just not a dance fan. I watched the first episode of The Good Doctor. It was OK, but not something I felt compelled to continue.

CBS: Big Bang and Young Sheldon at 8 and 8:30, Magnum PI at 9, Bull at 10.

I also don’t get the love for Big Bang. I’ve watched episodes here and there, but it’s not great. I do think Young Sheldon is a decent show. I watched some on the plane to India. It’s a good time filler, but not appointment TV. I do plan to watch the new Magnum. It looks fun. I guess I’m one of those unsophisticated viewers the Post hates. Bull is a decent show. We watched for a while, got behind and then realized we didn’t care enough to go back to watch more.

CW: Penn and Teller Fool Us at 8. Whose Line is it Anyway at 9.

I’ve never watched Penn and Teller. I have no thoughts. I do enjoy Whose Line and will record it and watch it at some point. My kids also really like it.

FOX: The Resident at 8. 911 at 9/

I really like The Resident.  I really like a good medical show.  I love the main characters. I love the plot of having a doctor hiding a medical condition that makes him a danger in surgery. It all added up to a great first season. I hope the second is as good. 911 seems like a show we would like, but it premiered at a bad time when we could still only record two shows at a time.We have too much now to go back and start it from the start.

NBC: The Voice at 8. Manifest at 10.

I used to watch The Voice. I like the judges. I think the audition part is fun, but it gets old fast. It’s also on way too much. I can’t watch three hours of a music competition in a week. Manifest seems like it could be interesting or it could be very bad. Basic plot – a plane lands after some turbulence and the passengers discover they have been missing and presumed dead for five years. No time has passed for them. I hate to agree with the Post guy, but I do think the show would be better if it was more about how they deal with the personal relationship aspects(spouses and significant others have moved on, twin sibling is not older than you) than the supernatural mystery of it. I’m also afraid it will be canceled before the mystery is solved. I will watch the first episode and report back.

Cable: Football, Better Call Saul, Lodge 49.

I will keep track of football hoping the Steelers lose. I don’t watch the AMC shows.

8 thoughts on “What’s On TV Tonight(9/24/18)

  1. Ok…you know I love Big Bang. To me, it’s a combo of clever writing and skilled timing. I admit, it really hit its stride in its mid seasons, but I will miss this show. Looking forward to your reviews about the new stuff.


  2. I enjoyed the first season of Better Call Saul when I caught it a couple years ago on Netflix (or was it Hulu?), but not enough to have ever gone back and caught up. This seems to be a common theme with me and TV shows (it’s 10 years later and I still haven’t started season 2 of GOT…).


    1. I have the opposite problem. If I watch a full season I have trouble stopping even if it isn’t as good anymore. I’m doing better. I deleted season 2 of Mr Robot and Legion when I realized I didn’t care anymore.


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