Ways I’ve Become Old and a Semi-Hermit

I say this is how I know I’m old, but a lot of this is probably more mood related than age related. Still, I’m living life like an old person.

  1. I go to bed earlier – It’s rare that I’m up past 10:30. I used to stay up late, mostly because I was playing Diablo or Madden, but still it wasn’t unusual for me to be up until 1AM or later. I could do that and still function the next day. Last night, I was in bed and reading by 9:45 and asleep before 10:30.
  2. I wake up early – I’ve always been an early riser, but I used to be able to sleep in a little(sleep in for me is 8am), now even on days off I’m up by 7. Some of that is pet related. My dog wakes me up wanting to go out and I usually stay up once I’m up.
  3. I don’t go out – I didn’t go out a lot anyway, but it’s worse now. Once I get home, I don’t leave the house. Tuesday my wife worked late and I was on my own for dinner. I have a gift card my son gave me for a local restaurant I like. It was the perfect time to use it. Instead, I stayed home and ate something boring here. I routinely click interested on Facebook events knowing there is a 99% chance there is no way I will go.
  4. I don’t know new music – I’m completely clueless now about new music. I know some from being in the car with my daughter, but I pretty much listen to the 80’s station, the oldies country station or music on my phone. I never wanted to become that guy, but here I am.
  5. I would retire today if I could – I’m ready to end this whole work thing.  I want to be the old guy who putters around the house and occasionally goes to Panera for coffee in the mornings. I don’t have the energy,  mainly mentally, to do this job thing anymore.

I always said I wanted to become a hermit. I’m getting closer every day.

4 thoughts on “Ways I’ve Become Old and a Semi-Hermit

  1. Hmmm. That also describes me to a certain extent. I’ve been that way for some time. But then again, I’m old! Well, older than you. I refuse to call myself old seriously. I only do that in a joking sense. You’re not old either.

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