My Week in Books, Movies and TV(8/31)

It is slim pickings this week. I did read and watch TV, but I am having trouble with focus. Rather than read or with something on which I need to focus, I prefer the TV as background noise as I read dumb articles online. Hopefully, I will get out of my funk and get my focus back soon. Anywho

Books – I finished Smoke Thieves by Sally Green. I did enjoy the book, but I am a little tired of the whole series thing. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find any fantasy books that are not a part of  series these days. This is one with each chapter focusing on a different character and it’s not until the end of the book that all of the characters are in the same place. I’m not sure I will be motivated to read the next one. I have started Feared by Lisa Scottoline and I’m sad to report that I feel like the characters in the Rosato and DiNunzio series are becoming annoying caricatures and not real people. I used to love this series, but unless she can fix this, this might be my last one.

TV – Not a lot to report here. I’ve been slowly working my way through season 2 of Westworld when alone and season 5 of Blacklist when my wife is home. Westworld is a little boring this season and I find myself distracted by my phone when watching. Blacklist is OK, but I’m not sure I would keep watching alone. I need a good, light half hour show on Netflix to not focus on when I’m home alone.

Movies – The only movie I watched this week was Last Sharknado. I only watched because my wife wanted to watch it.The first Sharknado was in the “so bad, it’s good” category. This one was just bad. There was not one redeeming thing about it. It was just terrible.

3 thoughts on “My Week in Books, Movies and TV(8/31)

      1. Well, there is that. It wasn’t one of my favorites either. I’ve noticed that he usually follows up one that I’m not as keen about with one that really works for me.


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