Reading Fails

I’m sure I’m not the only one who occasionally reads things wrong. You’re skimming something online or glance at a sign and at first glance you read a word wrong and it changes the meaning.  Here are a few of my most memorable reading fails:

I routinely look at a calendar that includes multiple sessions of a math lab. Every time I look at it I read it as meth lab.  While the meth lab would be a terrible thing to have at work, it would increase revenues.

I was walking down the street once and a truck drove by with what I read as Pet Pornography on the side. I was really confused until my brain caught up to my eyes and realized it was Pet Photography. I don’t want to think about what that says about my brain.

A local library recently posted an event called Plaque Your House. I think it was about getting your house registered as a historic building, maybe. I read it as Plague Your House. I wasn’t sure why anyone would want to do that. It seems like you would want to do the opposite.

Yesterday, I read a headline about Disney raising the pay of workers. The headline mentioned that it was in their new union contract. I first read it as unicorn contract. I need the unicorns to negotiate my salary next year.

I know there are a lot more in the past, but at the moment they escape me.

Do you have any funny reading fails? Share them in the comments.

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