My Week in Books, Movies and TV(8/17)

It took me a while to remember what I’ve watched this week. Turns out I had more than I thought. Enjoy.

Books – I started out the week with a quick read – Hits and Misses by Simon Rich. It is a collection of short stories and is as good as I expected from him. My favorite was the autobiography of Paul Revere’s horse. I’m currently reading Kill the Farm Boy. I like it, but for some reason it is taking me forever to get through it. I think the stress that is messing with my sleep pattern is also messing with my reading.

Movies –  I thought I might have a blank here, but then I looked back at last week’s post and read what I planned to watch. We did watch Death Wish with Bruce Willis. If you like action movies and Bruce Willis, you will like this one.I watched Rare Exports last night. It was weird, but I liked it. I think that is it for the week.

Television – We are still working our way through Yellowstone and still enjoying it.  We watched the first episode of Carter with Jerry O’Connell. It is a Canadian show airing on WGN. O’Connell plays an actor who played a detective on TV. He moves back home and helps his housekeeper who is accused of murder. This leads to him being hired as a consultant with the police. Nothing ground-breaking, but I really like O’Connell so I liked this. I also watched HBO’s two-part documentary on Elvis and the one on Robin Williams. They were well done and very interesting.

On Deck – I feel like I will still be reading Kill The Farm Boy next week. Nothing new on TV is upcoming and I have no movies I will definitely watch. I guess that works out since next Friday I will be moving my daughter to her dorm, so I likely won’t do a week in review post.

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