Tater Takes Requests

I’ve been going through writing ideas in my head and then rejecting them.

There was an article about Elvis in the Post this morning and I just watched the HBO Elvis documentaries. I thought about an Elvis post, but didn’t think I had a full post of material. I will say that if I had to choose to only listen to Elvis or the Beatles forever, I would choose Elvis.

I thought about a full music post, but rejected that one for reasons unknown to even me. I share new songs from my favorite bands n Facebook, but I’m pretty sure no one ever listens to them. I’m not sure anyone wants another music post from me. I will say that I have been spending more time on Prime Country on Sirius while driving these days.  I listened to quite a bit of country as a kid and then again in the 90’s(because I didn’t like the new “pop” music).

Nothing else has struck me as something I feel the need to write about.  No one needs another whiny post from me.

So, you get this “I don’t know what to write” posts.

Now, the reason for the title – What would you like me to write about? Any topic ideas? Stories from my life? Requests that I give up and stop trying?

6 thoughts on “Tater Takes Requests

  1. How about a post(s) about possible vacation destinations and what the appeal is? Depending on how many places you’re considering, this could be several posts. If you could be the tour planner for a trip similar to those you’ve been taking to the far reaches of the world, what would you do differently? What do you want to do when you retire in a few years (whenever you don’t have a child in college would be the first viable opportunity)? I’m retired, but I keep as busy as I want. Lately I don’t want to be busy at all. I always enjoy your TV posts. I watch vicariously through you because I’m too lazy to keep track of when shows air. What kind of hobbies might you take up if you had the inclination/motivation/time? Have you ever considered needlepoint? There are lots of men who stitch. We see them in the shop all the time.

    Okay, I’m done. Just don’t give up. Said the woman who hasn’t posted on her blog in months, maybe even a year.

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