Places Not to Have a Conversation

It’s Monday. I woke up before 6 and couldn’t go back to sleep. Let’s see if 2 cups of coffee and breakfast have given me the ability to write a coherent post(I’m pretending that a coherent post is ever possible for me). So, here we go. Some places to stop having conversations.

  1. Really the only one that really matters to me – In front of a communal coffee pot. I’m really happy that you are happy to see your friend at church/conference/meeting. I’m glad that you have a lot to say to each other. Please don’t say it in front of the coffee pot. Get your coffee and move to another area to have the conversation. People are trying to get coffee and it could be dangerous to get in their way. The also applies to the same place, but in front of the food.
  2. On your cell phone in the middle of a public library – I really think this applies to most public places, but the library is the worst. A short, quiet call can be tolerated, but no one, in any public place, needs to hear your loud phone call. Take it outside or call them back later.
  3. In church during the singing – I guess for a lot of people, the music portion of worship isn’t considered worship. It’s just the warm up act for the main event, the sermon. I’ve been to many worship services at churches and conferences and have found that many people feel that the music part of worship is time to have a conversation with their friend. Not only are you missing out on an important part of worship, you are also being rude to the people who have worked hard to lead the music.
  4. During a movie, at a theater and at home. The theater is worse because you are bothering complete strangers. If you need to talk during a movie, please wait for the DVD. No one wants to pay to see a movie and have to listen to morons around them instead of the movie. I also get annoyed when my family talks during movies(and TV shows) at home. I’ve finally started pausing what we are watching when they start talking because they tend to have conversations during important dialogue. They also sometimes randomly leave the room in the middle. It’s weird.
  5. Any place that might block traffic – Both cars and foot traffic. The middle of a parking lot, the entrance to a parking lot, the middle of the hall at a conference, in a doorway, at the top or bottom of the stairs. Any place where someone’s movement is impeded by you. Have some awareness of what is around you. Move to the side and let people pass.
  6. Really any place that will annoy me.

14 thoughts on “Places Not to Have a Conversation

  1. All great places to not have a conversation. I was in a touristy part of manhattan yesterday….at the corner of a major intersection is also not convenient, especially when the sidewalk is under construction…

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