Nazis Are Bad. Full Stop.

I promise I won’t constantly annoy everyone with revlogs, but with the rally in DC today and the anniversary of Charlottesville I thought I would remind everyone of my hot take that Nazis are bad.

The World's Common Tater

It really doesn’t seem that this should be a hard thing to say. Nazis are bad. The KKK is bad. White supremacy is bad. Hate is bad. Running someone over with a car is bad. Full stop. No buts. No need to add anything. Unfortunately, I see way too many people who feel the need to add a but.

Nazis are bad…but this all started because removing Confederate statues is bad.

Nazis are bad but…what about the counter-protesters.

Nazis are bad but…the police should have protected them

Nazis are bad but…what about Black Lives Matter?

Running someone over is bad but…they shouldn’t have been blocking the road.

No. Stop. If you feel the need to add a but at the end of a sentence denouncing hate there is something wrong and the something wrong is you. Those buts are basically you saying you are OK with Nazis marching in the…

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