Everybody Talks Too Much

Revisiting this one as I sit and listen to someone talk on their phone in a public place with no regard for who they might be disturbing.

The World's Common Tater

I really don’t understand why so many people are always talking on their cell phone. I spend a lot of time on my phone, but I’m looking at Facebook, Twitter, email, etc and if I’m talking to someone(a very rare occurrence) it is via text, email or Facebook Messenger. I also feel the need to spend less time doing this. Facebook and Twitter are generally either boring or irritating, I don’t get any fun emails and no one texts me. Why am I spending time on the phone? It’s an addiction. I think I should sue Apple.(see my post on Apple Addiction here). One thing I rarely do is actually talk on the phone.

I didn’t even like talking on the phone when talking was the only thing you could do on the phone. Any of my friends and family who have ever talked to me on the phone…

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One thought on “Everybody Talks Too Much

  1. My non-technical mom thinks I don’t know how to properly use a phone. Ummm… I’m on it (a lot more than I should be) but rarely ever to actually have a conversation with my voice. Just the silent types (text, messengers, email). My mom is always like I don’t hear from you very much… well, that’s true but you know how to use a computer and I’m fully confident that if you wanted to know how to text, you could. The win… you’d hear from me more!! I’m rarely ever in a place where I’m not interrupting something/someone with a real phone call.

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