I Think I Might Be Magic

I think I might be magic. Unfortunately, my magic is limited and I have issues with directing it.

We joke at work about figuring out a way to close early so we can go home. Earlier this summer I mentioned that the AC going out would be a good reason for us to gome home. Not long after that, another branch in the system closed because of AC issues. Last week, I mentioned that maybe all the storms in our area would knock out our power and we could go home. Less than an hour later, another branch in the system closed early due to a power outage. I started joking that I obviously had powers, but I was having trouble directing them to the proper place. I promised my coworkers I would work on channeling the magic to the correct location.

Yesterday I worked the 1-9 shift. While I was at home, I thought about how nice it would be to get a call that I didn’t have to go to work(I really need to retire).  When I arrived at work I told my coworkers that I had worked on channeling my powers in the proper direction while I was at home. Not long after that there was an announcement on Facebook that the library close to my house(in a different system) was closing due to a power outage. It’s obvious that I am causing these outages. I just need to figure out how to use this power to benefit me.

Disclaimer: I really don’t believe I am magic.


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