My Week in Books, Movies and TV(8/3/)

I actually have more to talk about this week.  I guess I should consider getting off the couch and leaving the house again after work.

Books – I finished two books in two of my favorite series, Like to Die by David Housewright(McKenzie Rushmore) and Twisted Prey by John Sandford(Lucas Davenport). Davenport and Rushmore are two of my favorite book characters and these didn’t disappoint. Like to Die is an actual mystery where the Davenports are more thrillers, but both are very good. I also finished Dear Fahrenheit 451 by Annie Spence. She is a librarian and the book is her letters to books. It was not as good as I hoped. I gave it three stars instead of two just because I did check out one of the books she talked about.

Movies – I watched two movies this week. One was really bad and the other one was really good. The bad one was The 15:17 to Paris. My wife and son wanted to watch it, so I got it from the library and we watched it when he was over for dinner. It was terrible. Boring, bad acting, and as my son put it “that’s an hour and a half of my life I will never get back.” Don’t do it! The other was the Netflix movie Set it Up. It is the standard rom-com where two assistants set up their bosses so they would fall in love and stop working so much. Instead, the assistants fall in love. It was really good.

TV – I watched the first season of On My Block on Saturday. I know how it ended already because I got home while my daughter was watching the end of the last episode a few months ago. I still really liked it. I rarely watch an entire season in one sitting, but this one was worth it. Otherwise, I’ve watched a few of the new episodes of Suits and other random shows here and there. The new season of Shameless is now on Netflix, so I know what my next show will be.

On Deck – I just started reading You by Caroline Kepnes. As mentioned above, I will watch Shameless when I have time alone at home. I have Annihilation and Red Sparrow on DVD and hope to watch them this weekend.

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