Please Read Before You Comment

I really don’t understand why people comment on articles without actually reading the article first. Yesterday, an article about a South Carolina school system replacing snow days with assignments kids can do at home was shared in a Facebook group. The article specifically states that the assignments do not require the internet and that kids have five days to complete them(to account for power outages and tech issues). The person who shared the article posted it with a comment about how this wouldn’t work for kids with no internet at home(answered in the article). Many of the comments were also people saying it wouldn’t work where they live because so many kids don’t have a computer or internet at home(answered in the article). It was obvious that many people, perhaps including the person who shared it, had not read the article before commenting.

I’ve shared articles on Facebook and have had at least one case where someone actually said “I didn’t read the article, but..” You didn’t read the article? No? Then stop typing, read the article, and then comment. How do you think you have something to say about the article or what I said about it if you didn’t even read the article? Is it laziness? Stupidity? Belief that you are so smart that you don’t need to read the article without expressing an opinion? It’s not just these two cases. So many times the comments on posts are people asking questions that are answered in the text of the article. People are commenting and questioning based only on a headline. I know I should just not read the comments, but sometimes I have commented, so I get notifications that others have done so. Sometimes they are comments on my posts, so I see them.

Of course, reading the article doesn’t always help with comprehension. Sometime today Drew Magary will start posting his “Why Your Team Sucks” series. Each day he will write a humorous article making fun of an NFL team. Many of these poke fun at the city where the team plays. I love these and share them all on Facebook along with one quote(in quotations) usually the one making fun of the city. One year, I shared one about San Diego and a friend from high school’s wife read it while using her husband’s account. She took offense to the quote because she felt it insulted the Navy(her husband was in the Navy). She attacked me for “my” writing about the Navy and didn’t back down when multiple people tried to explain to her that I didn’t write it, hence the quotation marks,  and it wasn’t insulting the Navy. Her husband then chimed in and defended her and said that I shouldn’t post things negative about the Navy. We are no longer friends on Facebook. I’ve had other instances where I’ve shared them, friends have commented, and then friends of friends see it and get mad because I’m insulting their city. No one seems to see the humor. I also share the one for our local team and share the insulting quote about us. It’s all in fun, but no one seems to get that 1. I am not the author and 2, it’s humor and not meant to be taken seriously.

So, the point of this post(if it has one) is 1. Read the article if you plan to comment. 2. Read carefully and look for the answers to your questions before commenting 3. Look to see who the actual author is and 4. Try getting a sense of humor.

22 thoughts on “Please Read Before You Comment

  1. I’m clapping my hands vigorously! This is wonderful and 100% true. People get so angry over the strangest things on Facebook. I can’t stand it. I love/hate reading comments on articles because they are usually so nutty. It’s like a car accident. I can’t look away haha

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  2. I know a lot of people will be upset by him when he mocks the Cowboys but honestly? I’m not one of those people. They are my team and always have been but I’ve been known to openly mock them from time to time because Jerry Jones has been running the team straight into the frigging astroturf for 20 something years now. I keep hoping he’ll die and somebody else will take over and things won’t be so shitty.

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  3. It’s really true. People don’t realize the humor behind articles, they just take it the other way round and start commenting anything senseless. The point raised by you in this article is worth appreciations. I believe that it works for those type of people to whom it is actually addressed.

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  4. There are honestly times where I get pure amusement out of reading the comments on an article and other times when it infuriates me. You nailed it in your last statement and I especially enjoyed the “Try getting a sense of humor” part lol!

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  5. Great article. I posted a story today with a quote from a film in the body of it – someone “liked” it on Facebook and used the quote…almost certainly without reading the article because if you did, why would you not reference you liked that part of the story? Oh well, social media giveth and social media taketh away!

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  6. Nice post, thanks for sharing. But seriously, it’s one of my pet hates that people don’t read what they’re commenting on. WHY. Also, a personal fave is when I write about my wheelchair and people are like, ‘Dude, I had no idea!’ Well. I’m not exactly quiet about it, y’know.

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