My Week In Review

This is a different week in review than I normally do. Generally, my week in review focuses on what I read and watched over the week. You would think a week of constant rain would lead to an increase in reading and watching, but I can’t think of one thing of note I read or watched during that time besides the one book: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara.  It was an interesting book and a quick read(all day rain on Saturday helped with that) but was not written in a style that I love. The rest of the rainy days I read some more and watched TV, but nothing of note. We finished the latest season of Lucifer and watched multiple episodes of the recently canceled Code Black, but I think I watched more Parks and Red than anything else. It was a weird week as far as reading and watching goes.

My main takeaway from the week are the multiple signs that seem to be pointing toward change for me. I said in a recent post that one option after my daughter goes to college next month is to not make any major changes, but I’m starting to think that I will be leaning in the other direction. Of course, I will need others to help me in making that change. I need the right job to open up in the right place or the winning lottery numbers. I would prefer the lottery and sometimes it seems the odds of my winning the lottery is higher than the odds of me getting the perfect job(have I mentioned how much I suck in job interviews?) It might also mean that instead of an outward change what I need is an inward change. To learn to be at peace with my circumstances. That might be my only option. All I know is that all of the recent signs seem to be exit signs.

Then again, maybe all the rain just made me more depressed and all I need is time in the sun.

3 thoughts on “My Week In Review

  1. Just keep your mind open to any and all possibilities. You never know when something will show up. That’s my bit of Pollyanna optimism for the day, and the best that I can do. I found this week a bit rough myself, but I think I may be headed for some inner or outer change now.

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