Unsurprising Things That Seem to Surprise People

It’s hot in summer – It’s July in Maryland. Sure, it’s hotter than normal and it isn’t fun, but it’s not shocking that its hot and humid in Maryland in July. Every summer it seems people are shocked by the fact that it gets hot and humid in July. Maybe you should set a reminder on your phone for next year.

It’s Cold in Winter – The same thing will happen around January about the cold and snow. It’s Maryland. It gets cold and sometimes snowy in winter. Why are people shocked by this? If you don’t want seasons, don’t live in Maryland.

Libraries are Busy in Summer – Any place that is popular with families and kids will be busy when schools are out. Especially now that no one lets their kids just play outside all day in the summer. More people will come in for your classes. More people will come in for books and movies. It happens every year. It will happen again this year.

Traffic is Bad Here – Traffic in this area sucks. It doesn’t take much to make it even worse. That’s why I use Waze and give myself a time cushion to make sure I arrive places on time.  If you use bad traffic as your excuse to be late all the time, it’s not the traffic’s fault. It’s you not planning for the fact that traffic sucks. It really shouldn’t surprise you if it happens every day.

You Have to Take Metal Out of Your Pockets at a Metal Detector – It drives me crazy to be behind someone who slows down the security lines because they didn’t take keys out of their pockets. It’s a metal detector. Keys are metal. This is not rocket science.

I could probably think of more, but it is time to get ready to go to work in case I am surprised by bad traffic.

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