A Pause on Tradition

We have traveled to Kentucky every summer for as long as I can remember to spend time with family. One of the best days of the year for me is the day all of my family gathers at my brother’s house for a cookout, games and fun in the pool. This year, we will not be going to Kentucky.

We just got back from an almost two-week trip to England and France to celebrate our daughter’s high school graduation. We leave in two weeks for Hyderabad, India where my wife will attend a conference and we will tag along as tourists. That is pretty much the extent of the amount of time I can take off work over the summer. The only way we could have done the trip to Kentucky was for the rest of the family to go without me and for me to fly in for a day or two. Even that didn’t work out. So, I told my siblings that we will not be visiting this year.

I’m sure once I’m in India I will be happy I decided to go. It’s probably the only time I will have a reason to go. Right now, though, after some issues with submitting payment for the Visas and looking toward the looming 18 hour flight, sitting by the pool in Kentucky sounds pretty good right now. My memories on Facebook have also been full of pictures and posts from Kentucky trips, so that is not helping with things. I’ve been a little sad about not visiting lately. Maybe I will try to make a quick weekend trip alone before Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, I wonder how long it will be,with most of the kids in the family being adults now,  before the annual Christmas gathering starts to become difficult.

It’s times like these when I wish I did not live 500 miles away from everyone. It would be nice for a quick weekend trip to be an option.

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