Time for Tater: The Reboot?

My daughter left for a two-day college orientation today. We are now two months away from an empty nest. That mean we are two months away from me deciding what I’m going to do with all of my alone time. Some options:

  1. Do nothing new: Stay at the same job. Arrive home two hours before my wife. Spend those two hours alone watching TV or reading and cooking dinner.
  2. Look for new career opportunities: I have always been the parent who worked closest to school and home. I’ve been the parent who had a somewhat stable 37.5 hour a week schedule. So, I was always the parent who got the call about a sick kid, stayed home with a sick kid, drove kids to sports and dance, coached, danced, etc. Because of this, I was the parent who didn’t consider certain career opportunities because the commute would hinder my ability to be the above parent. Now that I don’t have those activities and instead have 2 hours home alone, I can consider a longer commute for the right opportunity.
  3. Keep a short commute and fill the time with non-career opportunities. Take a class. Join a softball team. Volunteer. Walk. The downside – interacting with people I don’t know.
  4. Write more: Take the opportunity to blog every day. Maybe consider looking at other writing opportunities. Take the extra time to actually think about what I’m writing, edit, reasearch and write good stuff instead of vomiting my thoughts here and posting.
  5. A mixture: Be open to career opportunities while taking the time to write more, look for classes, sports and volunteer opportunities while taking some days to just be lazy and watch TV.

I have a feeling 1 or 5 will win with 1 happening more often than not.

One thought on “Time for Tater: The Reboot?

  1. I think 5 will work nicely. It allows you the most options. And there’s nothing wrong with 1. You don’t have to jump in and change your life right away.

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