Tater Takes London: Day 3

Our third day in London started at my favorite attraction in the city, the Tower of London. We followed the advice of Rick Steves and arrived right at opening time with pre-purchased tickets and walked in with no line. We also followed his advice and went straight to the crown jewels before the place was packed. If you go to the tower,  I recommend following this advice. You will spend several hours touring the tower. It is a large, interesting place. I’m petty sure it was my kids’ favorite as well.

We left the tower and walked across Tower Bridge. We headed toward London Bridge and Borough Market. I had forgotten that these were the locations of the attack last year until we came across the memorials. It was back to being a bustling market. It was huge and had just about anything you could possibly want to buy. We only had coffee and ice cream.

After a walk through the market, we got on the train and headed out to Greenwich to see the prime meridian. I was not very excited about the trip to Greenwich, but it turned out to be very interesting. If you have extra time, I would recommend going out. We once again opted for the bus back to central London. This time was less stressful since no one had a specific time they needed to be back.

I had to go back and look at my pictures to remind myself what we did next. It was a long day. We got off the bus down by the river and walked by Globe Theatre, took in the view from the top of Oxo Tower, walked back across the bridge to see St Paul’s and headed back to the hotel for a few minutes and then went out for a late, after dark trip to see Abbey Road before we left the city the next day.

Walking stats: 30,747 steps. 48 flights climbed. 11 miles.

4 thoughts on “Tater Takes London: Day 3

  1. Greenwich is awesome with the Cutty Sark and GMT! You can also walk under the Thames to the other side of the river which is fun but cold!
    I can’t believe you went to Borough Market and didn’t eat your own weight, you have more self control than me!


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