Tater Takes on Roseanne

In case you are living under a rock, the basics: Roseanne the show was revived this year and renewed and was going to return for a new season next year. Roseanne tweeted out some racist stuff yesterday, the latest in a pattern of terrible things she has tweeted and ABC had enough and cancelled the show. I’ve seen several posts on Facebook this morning where people are defending her and saying they should not have cancelled the show. It happens every time there is a high-profile firing over a tweet or statement like this. So, here are my thoughts on Roseanne specifically, and the issue of firing people over things like this generally.

First, Roseanne. I will admit that I was watching the show. I was a fan of the show when it was on before and wanted to see what they did with the revival. By the end, I was watching more out of habit than out of enjoyment. The stories were more shallow than I had hoped, most of the cast are terrible actors(Roseanne included) and the show just wasn’t that fun. I don’t think I would have watched the next season. I justified watching by focusing on how the rest of the cast and most of the writers did not share her views.

The cancellation: It was not a firing over one specific tweet. This was a firing based upon a pattern of horrible things she has stated and tweeted. I think she felt she was untouchable because the show was popular. I think the president praising her made her feel even more invulnerable. Turns out she was wrong.  It’s good to see that being popular does not always mean you can get away with being a terrible person.

Now, generally: Do I think someone should lose their job over one tweet? I would say no if it is really one tweet. Do I think someone should lose their job over a pattern of such tweets and/or public statements? Yes. You are a reflection of your employer, especially if you are a public figure. Even in my case where I am not a public figure and try as much as possible to separate my online life from my work life(Facebook says I am a Common Tater at Tater World Headquarters) I still sometimes use my Facebook and Twitter accounts to publicize work events. My last blog post directed you to a post from my employer(I’m losing the likes fight. You should go like it. Click here) So, it doesn’t take a genus to figure out who I am and where I work. I would like to think that I would be forgiven if I posted something that offended someone because I’m not in the habit of posting offensive things(I don’t think? Perhaps you all hate me already). But, if I started posting conspiracy theories and racist stuff on a regular basis, I would not be shocked if I lost my job. MPOW would not want to be associated with someone life that and I would agree with them.

Before you start screaming FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Freedom of Speech protects you from the government restricting your freedom og speech. It does not protect you from the consequences of said speech. It doesn’t mean you can’t be fired. It doesn’t mean you can’t be kicked off Twitter. It doesn’t mean someone can’t delete your comments from a privately owned website.  No one’s freedom of speech is being violated here.

Also – stop with the what aboutisms. I’m so tired of hearing “but what about The View?” I’m not defending them, but saying someone else got away with it, so no one should face consequences is stupid.


11 thoughts on “Tater Takes on Roseanne

  1. One argument I’ve heard is, why punish the entire cast and crew for Roseanne’s behavior? Unfortunately, it’s not like they can fire her and hire a replacement “Roseanne” character. Too bad. The original show reflected the best of working class values. Social media has allowed Roseanne herself to reveal her true colors today as a bigot. Well done, ABC.


    1. Roseanne Connor will always be my favorite TV mom because she was the one I could most relate to. I feel like when I was growing up (born in 78) you basically had three choices when it came to TV mom–Roseanne Connor, Clare Huxtable or Peggy Bundy. Peggy Bundy was that trashy mom who’s kids you weren’t allowed to hang out with because they were a bad influence. And being white and poor and having never travelled outside the South (at least at that point), I couldn’t relate to Clare Huxtable at all. Roseanne Connor was the mom who felt most real to me, the most relatable and the kind of mom I wanted to be if I ever have kids.

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      1. I’ve actually never seen that show, although I am aware of it. My favorite shows that are centered on family life right now are Speechless (Maya DiMeo is my spirit animal LOL) and This is Us.

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  2. I didn’t watch the original show much, maybe just a few episodes. I didn’t really like it. I had no interest in the reboot, so I’ve never seen it. I’ve found Roseanne unpleasant since her career took off and she became more well-known. She just got more and more offensive. Perhaps they could have just fired her and kept the show, but it would have had to be retitled “The Late Roseanne” after killing her off so she could never come back again.

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  3. Can I just say I love this post? You stated your opinion without any ugly name calling, without any snark or spite and it was fabulous!
    We don’t have to agree with everyone but I’m FAR more likely to be influenced by an opinion stated as yours is than by one that’s an ugly vicious rant.

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