Weekend Update

My daughter finishing high school means that there is an upcoming graduation  ceremony. A graduation ceremony means company is coming. Company coming means while everyone else was enjoying the unofficial start of summer, I was trapped in cleaning hell. All day, every day was spent cleaning. There were a few breaks in the cleaning for other stuff.

Friday – I worked all day on Friday, so it’s not really the weekend for me, but after work had some significant things to report. I was going with my daughter to the senior recital of one of her friends. It was at the church we attended for years. On the way in, I commented that people there would remember me. My daughter scoffed. We walked in, and the first person we saw from the church recognized me and hugged me. One point for me. While we were at the dessert reception we heard that there were power outages around our neighborhood. As we were driving home, we noticed the houses on our street had power, so we thought we were good. Unfortunately the four houses at the end of the street, including ours, had no power, so we took the dog for a walk in the dark, played a board game by flashlight light and went to bed early.

Saturday – There was no fun to be had on Saturday. There was, however, this post on the library’s Facebook page. If you click, you can see my pretty face and my favorite book. Be sure to like it so my employer thinks I’m popular.

Sunday – More cleaning, but there was a break in the evening when my son visited. We had dinner and then watched Game Night. I had seen it before, but I was the only one. I still enjoyed it and even my wife, who hates comedies, said she liked it. The fun was overshadowed by seeing posts online that Ellicott City was flooding again. I feel terrible for the residents and business owners who had just cleaned up from the last flood and now have lost everything again. I have to think this is the end for some of those businesses.

Monday – More cleaning. My daughter escaped and went to the annual carnival at the fire station. I miss the days when this was an annual trip as a family and not an annual thing he kids do with their friends. I didn’t even stop by to get carnival food this year. I finally did just stop working when I finished cleaning the kitchen around 5 last night and watched an episode of 13 Reasons Why and then the hockey game. If the house isn’t good enough for the people visiting by now then they need to just stay in a hotel instead.

Now I get a reprieve and a normal couple of days before I have extra people(and stress) in the house for 3 days on top of graduation and preparing for our trip.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. You know “50 Shades of Grey” made PBS’ list? I’ve read a LOT of books…including the 50 Shades trilogy..and I don’t see how that made the list. The whole series is a hot garbage fire of a mess and only good if you’re looking for something to read that’s not going to be too mentally taxing and also for freaking out your friends/neighbors at the pool. “OMG she’s reading THAT?” (insert pearl clutching here)

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    1. My first instinct was to feel the same way and then I saw posts where people reminded everyone that the poll asked people for their favorite book, not the best written. Given that and the popularity of the series, I’m not surprised.

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  2. I don’t know about you, but I find cleaning to be relaxing. I don’t look forward to it per se, in fact I am a master procrastinator when it comes to organising things, but when I get into it I can not stop and I search for things that need a home so that everything has a place. I listen to music and just get lost in my own world and before I know it, everything is neat and tidy! 🙂


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