Tater Takes on the CBS Fall Schedule

We are nearing the end of the network upfronts. Only CW left to go and we will have the full fall schedule. Here is CBS:

8 pm The Neighborhood 8:30 pm Happy Together 9 pm Magnum P.I. 10 pm Bull

A completely revamped Monday night. Two new comedies, the Magnum PI reboot and Bull taking the old Scorpion spot.  Both comedies seem promising. The Neighborhood stars Max Greenfield and Cedric the Entertainer and Happy Together stars Damon Wayans Jr and Amber Stevens West. I like all of them. I will give the Magnum reboot a shot as well.

8 pm NCIS 9 pm FBI 10 pm NCIS: New Orleans

This is a night made for my wife. She loves the NCIS shows and FBI seems like the procedural type show she likes. I will watch FBI is she does, but I’m not sure I will stick with it.

8 pm Survivor 9 pm SEAL Team 10 pm Criminal Minds

I still love Survivor and before I worked on Wednesday nights it was the one show I always watched live. Now, I watch it as soon as I get home. Navy Seals is surprisingly good. I’ve never watched Criminal Minds.

8 pm The Big Bang Theory 8:30 pm Young Sheldon 9 pm Mom 9:30 pm Murphy Brown 10 pm S.W.A.T.

I’m not a fan of Big Bang, Young Sheldon was OK, but not good enough to keep watching. I’ve never watched Mom, but I hear it is good. I was a fan of Murphy Brown when it was on before, so I will give the revival a shot. SWAT is a show I expected not to like, but it is pretty good.


8 pm MacGyver 9 pm Hawaii Five-0 10 pm Blue Bloods

My wife watches the first two and I watch Blue Bloods. I’m not sure why I like it so much, but I do


8 pm Crimetime Saturday (drama series encores) 9 pm Crimetime Saturday (drama series encores) 10 pm 48 Hours

A good chance to catch shows you missed if you don’t have a DVR

7 pm 60 Minutes 8 pm God Friended Me 9 pm NCIS: Los Angeles 10 pm: Madam Secretary

God Friended Me sounds interesting(an atheist is friended by God on social media and become an agent of change) and my daughter has asked me to save Madam Secretary for her to watch when she comes home from college.

The Code, Elementary, Fam, Instinct, Life in Pieces, Man With a Plan, The Red Line, The Amazing Race, Blood and Treasure, Big Brother, Big Brother: Celebrity Edition

I love Amazing Race and I’m glad they are bringing it back. I wish there were still two seasons a year like Survivor. Fam might be OK and I might watch The Red Line because I like Noah Wyle. We are recording Instinct but it is our lowest priority show on the DVR.


5 thoughts on “Tater Takes on the CBS Fall Schedule

  1. I have to give Magnum a shot. I loved the original. I watched the first episode of SEAL Team, but it just didn’t engage me.


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