Tater Takes on the FOX Fall Schedule

FOX schedule broke after I left for work so I had to do this on my break:

With the cancellation of Lucifer and Brooklyn 99, my FOX viewing is getting a little slim.  As with NBC, some of the better stuff is held to mid-season(The Orville and The Passage). Here are my night to night thoughts:

8 pm The Resident  9 pm 9-1-1

I really like The Resident. It is one of my favorite new shows, but it will make you scared to go to a hospital. We like the one episode of 9-1-1 we watched, but had DVR space issues and didn’t watch more. Maybe I will try to catch up over the summer.

8 pm The Gifted  9 pm Lethal Weapon

I liked the Gifted OK, but got tired of it toward the end. I will give season 2 a shot, but it might be one I quit. It is the X-Men universe show. Lethal Weapon was one of my favorite shows, but they’ve fired Clayne Crawford who played Riggs and replaced him with Seann William Scott. I will watch it to see how the new character fits, but I’m afraid I will hate it.

8 pm Empire 9 pm Star

I don’t watch either one of these shows, but they are apparently very popular.

8 pm Thursday Night Football

Depends on the teams…

8 pm Last Man Standing 8: 30 pm THE COOL KIDS 9 pm Hell’s Kitchen

I will admit that I liked Last Man Standing and will probably watch it again. I’m not sure how it will work if they don’t re-sign the two younger daughters. I do wonder if Brooklyn 99 was canceled for this and makes me less excited about watching it. I really like the stars of The Cool Kids(Vicki Lawrence , David Alan Grier  Leslie Jordan , Martin Mull) about residents of a retirement community, so I will give it a try.


8 pm College Football

If it’s not Kentucky. I don’t care

8 pm The Simpsons
8: 30 pm Bob’s Burgers (new time slot)
9 pm Family Guy
9: 30 pm REL

I don’t watch any of the animated shows. I like Lil Rel Howery and Sinbad, so I might give Rel a try(newly single father in Chicago).

Mid-season shows I will watch – The Orville(surprisingly good Seth McFarlane Star Trek type show), The Passage(based on Justin Cronin’s vampire trilogy and starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Beat Shazaam(music guessing game hosted by Jamie Foxx). Nothing else exciting.

4 thoughts on “Tater Takes on the FOX Fall Schedule

  1. I may check out The Cool Kids (I just can’t with the all caps), since it’s obviously aimed at my demograpic and I like the cast.

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  2. I’ve heard STAR is really good and I’ve been a fan of EMPIRE since the first season. Oddly enough, I only watched the pilot episode because the commercial (which featured that song “Take Me To Church” by Hozier) kept sticking in my head. It’s a really good show, IMO. It’s getting a little ridiculous now that they’re 4 seasons in, but it was really good up until this season.

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      1. I haven’t had a DVR in forever…I mostly watch whatever I need or want to watch from live TV on Hulu the day after it airs. Or I get caught up over the summer if the entire season is on Hulu or Amazon Prime.


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