Tater Takes on NBC’s Fall Schedule

Network upfronts start tomorrow. I was expecting this post to be tomorrow morning, but the new NBC schedule was actually revealed today.  I will post some thoughts on each network individually and then once all of the schedules are revealed I will discuss the schedule as a whole. If you don’t care about my TV posts, this week would be a good week to skip my blog.

On to NBC: The best thing that happened with NBC this week was that they saved Brooklyn 99. Brooklyn 99 is one of my favorite shows and was canceled by FOX this week, but will move to NBC next season. It will be a midseason show, as will most of the NBC shows I care about. So, here is the weekly schedule with some thoughts:

Monday – The Voice followed by the new show Manifest.

I like The Voice, but there’s too much. I can’t do it. Manifest has an interesting premise(a plane lands and the passengers discover they have been gone 5 years and presumed dead) so I might give it a try. It stars Josh Dallas from Once Upon a Time.

Tuesday: The Voice at 8, This is Us at 9, New Amsterdam(new show) at 10.

See above for The Voice. I never started watching This is Us. New Amsterdam is a medical show inspired by Bellevue starring Ryan Eggold.  I like Eggold and it also stars Tyler Labine. I’ve always been a fan of Labine and I like medical shows. Three good reasons I will likely give it a shot.

Wednesday: All Chicago, all the time. Med at 8, Fire at 9, PD at 10.

We watch Chicago Fire. I will admit that if I could catch up I would probably watch all of the Chicago shows. Interesting Fire new, A major character is not expected back next season. Click here

Thursday: Superstore, Good Place, Will and Grace, I Feel Bad(new show), Law and Order SVU.

Superstore and Good Place are very, very good. I don’t watch Will and Grace and I’m not sure about the new comedy(basically a working mom who feels bad about not being perfect, maybe? Not sure of the premise based on the write up. I guess I should watch the trailer). Maybe it will be OK. Maybe this is the space Brooklyn 99 takes midseason.

Friday: Blindspot at 8, Midnight Texas at 9, Dateline at 10.

Nothing for me here. People tell me Blindspot is good, but I’ve neer watched it.

Saturday:  Dateline Saturday Mystery, SNL encore SNL


Sunday: Football

Midseason shows: AP Bio, Brooklyn 99, Blacklist, Good Girls, World of Dance, Ellen”s Game of Games, America’s Got Talent: Champions Edition, The Titan Games, Abby’s(new show), The Enemy Within(new show), The Village(new show), The Inbetween(new show)

More exciting stuff midseason than the regular season. AP Bio is very good, Brooklyn 99 is one of the best comedies on TV, Good Girls is pretty good. Abby’s should be good(Natalie Morales plays Abby who runs a backyard bar. Neil Flynn from Scrubs and The Middle is a regular). The rest of the new shows are not exciting. Enemy Within is a spy show with Morris Chestnut, The Village is a drama about residents of a building in Brooklyn, Inbetween is pretty much a Ghost Whisperer copy.

So, for me, until midseason, I will only watch three shows on NBC. Once the better shows in midseason start, I will watch more. I’m still hoping they surprise me and renew Timeless.

Check back tomorrow for FOX.


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