Today is the first day of May. May means the beginning of the countdown to a lot of big happenings for us.

Today is Professional Development Day at work. The branches are closed and we are all gathering in one place. This is not a big day for me this year as I will not be emcee of the event and will be sitting and listening like everyone else.

Tomorrow I head off to a conference where I will be on a panel presenting about Human Library and then on Friday we will be running a Human Library. I will have a chance to attend some sessions in between and there are some social activities as well, so I will get a chance to relax a little.

Next week begins AP testing for my daughter which means this is her last week of a regular schedule of high school. The end of AP testing coincides with prom. One week after prom is the last day of high school for seniors. One week after that is graduation.

The Monday after graduation we fly to London and will be in London/Paris for almost two weeks.  That is followed by college orientation and then in July another trip, this time to India.

End of summer means the beginning of the empty nest for me. I need to work on finding some hobbies soon.


3 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. That’s an intense schedule for the summer! I don’t think you’ll find the time to develop any hobbies. I have a suggestion, though, needlepoint. Do not scoff! We have quite a few men who come to our shop. And some of the most renowned teachers and designers are men. Rosie Grier was a needlepointer. It’s not hard to begin with; once you get the hang of it, you can make it as hard as you want. Or not. A lot of people do it while watching TV or listening to books. You can take it anywhere if it’s not too large a piece. I can hook you up!

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  2. Sounds pretty busy to me! I can see why after a spring/summer like that, you might feel a little open-ended in the wind come fall.

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