Destruction Day

It is my morning off and I am surrounded by noise. It is destruction day, the beginning of the remodel of our master bathroom. The old is coming out to make room for the new. We’ve already discovered that we were lucky with out timing. We apparently had a leak behind our shower that could have turned in to a major issue had we not been tearing it down today. I could go deep and use the rest of the post about the metaphors of the morning. Getting rid of the old, damaged self to make room for the new. How the walls you put up hide the damage inside and repair can only come once you break down the walls. I could do that, but I won’t.

I will talk instead about the destruction and rebuild meaning we will be a one bathroom family for a couple of weeks. There are only three of us living here, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but I will have to think about the timing of getting ready for work, especially next week when I will have odd hours. My daughter gave us a list of rules we have to follow if we are going to share her bathroom.  I hope she realizes I won’t necessarily follow those rules. I did think it was funny, though. The big issue with her will be that she will have to try to not be as messy as she normally is. That will be a challenge. It might be a long two weeks.

I will also talk about my weird, annoying dog. She knows the people working on the bathroom. She knows they are in the house. As long as they are working upstairs she is fine and sits on the couch with me. The minute they open the front door she freaks out and starts barking at them like they are intruders. You would think she would figure out the pattern and stop barking when they come back in the house. She;s barking as I type this, so it appears that this won’t happen.

It will all be worth the above when the bathroom is finished. The over 20-year-old bathroom will be replaced with a nice, shiny new one. I can deal with some noise and sharing a bathroom for that.


5 thoughts on “Destruction Day

  1. We dealt with this a couple months ago. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch it early and had to rip up the entire bathroom, except for the tub. Beautiful stone shower, tiles, etc. gone. Such a pain!


  2. You’ll love the new bathroom, and sharing with your daughter for a couple of weeks will be well worth it.

    That said, I decided to gut and rebuild the bathroom I used on the ground floor (bedroom upstairs with a half bath) after Jane went to college. This was the original bathroom from the mid-40s. I had a full bath in the basement, so it should have been easy-peasy. They had to gut farther than expected and do major work on the underlying structure because old construction not up to standards in any way. Oi! It took quite a bit longer than estimated. Going down two levels to take a shower became old really fast.

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