Is It Time to Jump?

I recently read For Every One by Jason Reynolds. It was very good and one of the messages of the book was to make the jump, whatever that might be. It even included the message that even if you are 50(I’m close) jump anyway.  I would love to be able to take his advice. I feel like there is a jump I need to take, but there are a few issues with this:

  1. Jump where? – It might be a midlife crisis. It might be stress over a few specific things that could be over soon. It might be any number of things, but it doesn’t change the fact that I feel less and less like I am where I should be in my life. The problem? I have no idea what a jump for me would be. Is it as simple as taking the time to find a new hobby or to try to write something more substantial than a blog post? Is it a little more involved and means thinking about a job change? Is it even more extreme and I look to changing careers? A scary thought at the age of 50, especially with some of the other reasons I will list below.
  2. College – In August, I will have two kids in college. One of them will be just starting and the other will be in the final semester of undergrad and then on to grad school. Two kids in college is not a time to make a jump. Two kids in college is time to be happy you have a good, steady job for the next 4-8 years.
  3. Retirement – I am almost 23 years in to my job and that means  I am just about 7 years away from the 30 years of service I need to retire. It seems pretty dumb to think about making a major life change this close to retirement. That would rule out the extreme of a total career change.
  4. Others – Making a jump is easy if you are the only one involved. Making a jump that would affect the life of others is not as easy. Even something as simple as a hobby or writing will affect those around me. It would mean more time away from home or alone in a room. A job change might mean a longer commute and a change in salary. All easier if jumping alone.  I would not be jumping alone.
  5. Fear of the unknown – I will admit that this is also a big one. I’ve been with the same employer for 23 years. The thought of going somewhere new is scary. The thought of going to a new career is even scarier.  Even if all of the above was not an issue, I would still hesitate to jump. I’m just not the jumping sort.

So, after all of this, I will likely not make a major jump. I might try the simple thing of trying to write when I am going to be home alone anyway. That will just mean sitting in a room away from the distraction of the TV and making an effort. It likely won’t go anywhere, but at least I will know that for sure. I likely will never have the courage to make the bigger jump and will instead focus on finding some peace with where I am. But, you should consider jumping if the desire is there.

10 thoughts on “Is It Time to Jump?

      1. Hey, I’ve been there buddy Ive been to some very dark places i understand. I’ll check out more of your posts stay 💪

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  1. I guess I am just not a jumping kinda gal. I have 8 years left until I can retire. I will only be 56 at that point and too young to just go home and sit down. I figure at that point, I might skip (or bunny hop) into something new, but I can’t fathom jumping now. I have invested too much in where I am.

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    1. I’m in the same boat. I’m lucky in that I could move to another place in the state and maintain my retirement status, but it would have to be the perfect job to make me jump at this point.


      1. There is a position open 2.5 hours away from me that is more money, less work and the same retirement system. I thought about applying (jumping) knowing that if I did, I would have an excellent chance of getting the job because of my training and experience.

        If I got the job, I would only see my husband and kids on the weekend for the next 8 years. The kids are grown and married and don’t “need” me daily. They and the husband were supportive if I had wanted to make the leap.

        After a lot of soul searching, I came to the conclusion that “what” I do isn’t who I “am” and the money wasn’t enough to make me sacrifice who I am (Mom, Wife, Friend) just to jump into something new.


      2. I wouldn’t make the jump if it meant not seeing my family. I am going to be more open to a longer commute once my daughter goes to college. My wife never gets home from work until 7:30, so I have a couple of hours to play with on commute time and still not lose time with her.


  2. One can make a series of small jumps over the course of a lifetime. I’m a jumper. Sometimes it’s a major leap, other times just a hop. Sometimes I’ve jumped alone, others I’ve pulled someone else along (but only if they were willing). You can make small jumps and still feel like you’re refreshed each time. A jump doesn’t have to be life-changing or state-changing to be of value. My latest jump was to go to Paris with a group of strangers. I’m so glad I did it because otherwise I might never have gone to a place I’ve wanted to visit for years. I have no idea what my next jump will be, but I know there will be many more before I make the final jump to wherever I land to spend my last days.

    But you don’t have to jump too high or too far. Ever. If at all.

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  3. Reblogged this on The World's Common Tater and commented:

    So, I was thinking about this again this week as I’ve hit a point where I dread the start of each day. I received an email yesterday that opens up the opportunity to make a jump. If this opportunity does arrive, I will need to decide if I overcome the fear of the unknown and make a jump or if I trust that some changes will eventually lead to where I am being better. I hate that the jump possibility comes at this time of year. I need to get through the holidays and my trip home before I do something that might limit my time off. Regardless of what happens with this opportunity, I am making an early New Year’s Resolution to consider what I need to do to make me less sad to leave the house in the morning and how far I’m willing to go for a happier life.


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