I’m Still Here

The bad news(or good depending on your perspective) – I have not been writing at all.

The good news – I have been reading more. I’ve read over 30 books already this year.

I do plan to post more. I just need to have the time and the motivation. Time was short recently due to my trip to Philadelphia. Now, the time is back but the motivation is gone. It’s so much easier to just watch TV or read a book. If I didn’t suck at writing reviews I would use the uptick in reading and TV to review what I have consumed. Also, the motivation thing.

I would direct you to Twitter or Facebook in the meantime, but I haven’t really been posting there either.

I will at the very least get back to reading your posts. Maybe a new post from me will be coming soon.

7 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. You’ll get motivated again. I know I’d be interested in hearing about anything you find good on TV. I haven’t watched any of the new shows this year because you didn’t do your daily “what’s on” tonight notes when the season started. I’m lazy that way. I’d rather hear a little something from somebody who’s up on these things before I watch a new show than sit down to watch and then wish I’d known how bad, stupid, or totally out of my interest range it is. Hahahahahahaha. Some of us depend on you. I did watch that new Boreanaz show, then said no, don’t need to do that again.

    More reading is always good!


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