I’ve Got Nothing

I’m still having trouble writing even a simple, boring post(like the majority of posts here). I’m sure I have things to say about life, politics, the Oscars, etc I just can’t seem to get motivated to type them up in a post. I could just write about my life, but that is really boring. Here is a synopsis of my typical day:

6:30am – 8:30am Wake daughter up, make her lunch, read the newspaper, drink coffee, get ready for work.

8:30-9am – drive to work

9-5 – work, except Wednesday when I work 1-9

5-5:30 drive home

5:30-7:30 – watch TV, possibly cook dinner if anyone else is going to be home to eat it.

7:30-10 – Watch TV, possible alone.

10-6:30 – sleep, or at least try.

Not much inspiration for writing there. I should probably work on having a more interesting life.

As far as writing goes, I need to use the voice recorder on my phone or Siri to take notes while I am driving and thoughts that would make a good post pop in my head. I have a lot of mediocre blog posts that go in and out of my head when I am not able to write them down.


5 thoughts on “I’ve Got Nothing

  1. You write more than I do. I can’t even get the motivation to write a post about doing nothing of value. It would be easy, but I don’t even try.

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  2. I have my amazing ideas in the shower. Not a good place to try to write things down. Although not as dangerous as doing so while driving. I think the recorder is a great idea. I need a waterproof one, or I could take Alexa into the bathroom with me I guess. My family is going to think I’m insane. Hm… I think I have another idea for a post! Hang in there. And defintely get a recorder.

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