Another Birthday Post

“Is he really writing a post about his birthday for a second year in a row?”

“How narcissistic is he?”

The answers to those questions are yes and very.

It is my birthday. I am 49. One year away from 50. What am I doing for my birthday? A whole lot of nothing. I’m off work for the next four days. Today I’m watching Everything Sucks on Netflix(pretty good so far) and getting one of my various free sandwiches I’ve received for signing up for emails from restaurants. At some point this weekend my son will come home and we will all go out to lunch. That’s about it. I’m not a very exciting person. Maybe next year for 50 someone will throw me a huge birthday bash(that would have to be me. No one else will do it).

Last year I talked about goals of being less boring. Instead I think I’m even more boring. This year I will make no proclamations. I will resign myself to being the same boring person I’ve aways been. I’m too old to change now.

So, feel free to send me gifts. I will now go about the business of having a boring birthday day.

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