Another Snippet of My Boring Life

I was trying to remember what I could use an excuse for not posting for a while and decided that there was no big conflict that kept me from posting. I looked back and saw a bunch of very ordinary days. So, I’ve decided to treat you to a glimpse of my boring life. Here is a synopsis of my days since I last posted:

Friday – I had the day off because I was scheduled to work the next day. I planned to clean bathrooms because I know how to party. My wife worked from home that day. This altered my plans in that I couldn’t start cleaning as early as I normally do because I wanted to make sure she was out of the way before I started. I spent the morning reading and waiting, I cleaned bathrooms and then, because my wife abandoned me to shop and my daughter was at work, I finally finished the first season of Stranger Things. That night we watched some shows on the DVR.

Saturday – I worked all day and then watched the Kentucky basketball game on delay. Somehow it has worked out that they always play afternoon games on the Saturdays I work and night games on the ones I don’t. I watched some football and that must be it because I can’t remember anything else.

Sunday – Church in the morning and football in the afternoon. It was fun watching Pittsburgh lose to Jacksonville. My wife made us clean he house more that afternoon because my son and his girlfriend were coming over for dinner.  Dinner with them, watched the exciting end to the Minnesota/New Orleans game. That was also a fun ending. We watched The Foreigner after they left. Well, my wife watched while I slept on the couch.

Monday – Day off for MLK Day. I watched Dark Tower on DVD and then read while my daughter binge watched Friends. We had Chipotle for dinner to support the fundraiser for French National Honor Society and watched TV.

Tuesday – All day meeting at my old branch to choose titles for the high school summer reading list, dinner, meeting at church for the youth conference I am chaperoning next weekend and then watched Kentucky basketball blow a 14 point lead  and lose to South Carolina.

There you have it. My lack of posting was not due to me doing fun and exciting things. My lack of posting was not due to any major emergencies or crises. My lack of posting was due to me being extremely boring.

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