Challenge Day 6: Have a Heart

This came up in my Facebook memorie. It was the beginning of the 30 day writing challenge I did a couple of years ago. I would do one again if I could find a good one. I re-read this today and was impressed with myself. All of thse are still accurate.

The World's Common Tater

So, I didn’t do day 6 yesterday because I was busy and then tired. I guess I will only guarantee I will do these on weekdays. Anyway, Day 6 of the challenge is five ways to win my heart. I’m sure everyone has been dying to know this one.

  1. See Me: I know that on Facebook I am very vocal and might be funny at times(might, the jury is still out) but in real life I am a strange little fat man who doesn’t really talk much. When  I am at a party, a conference, church, etc I have perfected the art of being invisible in the crowd. If I have no close friend there, I will fade into the background and leave as soon as I feel I can. The first step to winning my heart would be to be the person who see me and takes the time to…

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