School(parents) Drama Club

As I try to resist the temptation to write a post about the current drama about the color of the cap and gown for graduation, I dug up an old post about the parent drama. This has been ongoing since middle school. I can’t wait until we are done with this group. I can’t wait until mommy tries to call a university to demand they consult them before making decisions. I still stand by the statement at the end of this post. “We wonder what’s wrong with kids today? Look at the parents.”

The World's Common Tater

I was already irritated with parents in Anne Arundel County due to my membership in the AMS PTA Facebook page. It is generally just a stream of constant complaints. Nothing is ever good enough for these parents and they want everyone to know it. My irritation once again expanded county-wide(see hurricane aftermath post( when AACPS announced last night that they would wait until this morning to assess conditions and make a decision on opening schools.  Parents jumped on the announcement on Facebook to complain bitterly that the school was actually waiting to make an informed decision. They wanted to know RIGHT NOW! They had to know RIGHT NOW! They had to know RIGHT NOW mainly because they were too stupid and/or lazy to have a plan in place for what to do with their kids on a snow day and couldn’t make one then because they were too…

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2 thoughts on “School(parents) Drama Club

  1. Fortunately Jane’s high school days predated the Facebook era. It was all Myspace at that time, which parents hadn’t really embraced. I’m so glad I missed the opportunity for all the drama.

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