Santa Problems



I saw this picture on Twitter this morning and started thinking about some other issues with Santa.

In addition to the above, Santa was also very rude to the elves in Rudolph. He really didn’t come across as a nice person at all in the majority of the show.

In Santa Claus is Comin to Town he is a much nicer person but spends the entire time breaking the local laws. I also find it disturbing that a man comes to town, seduces the local teacher and uses her to convince the kids to leave their doors unlocked at night so he can sneak into their houses. His best friends are a confused penguin and a reformed evil wizard.

In Year Without a Santa Claus, he is depressed and quits his job because no one respects the work he does. I can relate to this one more than the rest. His wife has to enlist the aid of the feuding sons of Mother Nature to save Christmas. I bet Santa took all the credit himself.

In the songs, he sees me when I’m sleeping. That’s just creepy. I need a restraining order.

He only works one day a year and still, we are expected to tip him with cookies and milk.

I’m not sure Santa is a good person.


7 thoughts on “Santa Problems

  1. He makes the reindeer work all night long. Poor reindeer.
    And now if he’s making a list and checking it twice to find out who’s naughty and nice – well if he comes to Europe, he’s got a problem with the GDPR laws as well because we didn’t opt in to be on that list lol!
    I know a child who’s terrified of the idea of Santa coming into his room in the night, and you know, he makes a good point! Because in what other circumstances would that be ok?!

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