One of Those Sappy Thankful Posts

A small, but annoying thing yesterday almost derailed my Thanksgiving happiness, but I’m not going to let it. Here are some things for which I am thankful this year:

We got to spend last weekend in NYC as a family. It is the first non-family trip we’ve all taken together since the California trip last summer.

We got to see Hamilton while we were in NYC.

Both of my kids are home for the holiday.

We have jobs that allow us to have a home and food without worry on the holiday.

My wife still puts up with me after 25 years.

I get to take a week off and spend time with family over Christmas.

My commute is half of what it was last year at this time giving me more time to relax and drink coffee in the morning and more time to spend with my daughter in the evening(if she’s not at work).

Books and the people who write them.

I’m not being investigated for colluding with Russia(yet).

We have proof that it is true it is possible for anyone to become president.

There are a collection of weirdos who actually spend time reading this blog every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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