I’m cheating again. I decided to look to see what I’ve said about Thanksgiving before. This is my post from last year. It is all still valid. On the actual day, I might really do one of those sappy “what I’m thankful for” posts. You have been warned. Enjoy this rerun because I’m too lazy to write a new post.

The World's Common Tater

I thought about doing one of those sappy “what I’m thankful for” posts, but remembered my last post was a little sappy. When I considered the possibility of two sappy posts in a row I threw up in my mouth a little. So, instead, you will get my thoughts on some parts of Thanksgiving.

  1. First, I would like to say NO ONE IS TAKING THANKSGIVING FROM YOU! Well, they are if you work for a retailer that will be open on Thanksgiving day. If you do work for one of them then, yes, they are taking Thanksgiving from you and you should be upset about that. You should be mad at the company, but also at the people referenced above who cry about stores being open on Thanksgiving, but then go shopping on Thanksgiving. The stores are open because you are there. If people stopped shopping on Thanksgiving stores would…

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