Me Then Vs Me Now

I just went back and read my first post ever on this blog. It was July 23, 2008.  Click here  to read it. I really intended to blog regularly back then, but it was really just over the past year or so that I stated posting regularly. Looking at the post, here are the differences between then me and now me.

I planned to post about library stuff – now I actively avoid posting about the library field. I’m not sure I ever actually posted about anything library related. I decided pretty quick that I didn’t want my blog to be associated with my work life. It seems safer that way.

I didn’t want to be boring – failed there.

I was almost 40 – now I’m pushing 50.

My kids were 12 and 8 – My kids are 21 and 17 and I am getting very close to an empty nest.

Most of my life revolved around my family – same, but as stated above I’m getting close to both of my kids being gone and it’s been years since I spent my weekends coaching youth sports. I need to find me hobbies.

I worked with a church youth group – I have left that church and while I do chaperone a occasional youth trip I don’t really work with a youth group anymore.

I read a lot and watched a lot of TV – same.

My political views were more right leaning – I am much more left than I was back then or at least I’ve become willing to admit that I am more left than I thought I was back then.

I was also still working at the jail back then.  A lot of life changes over the years.

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