My First Seven Jobs

I’m going to cheat on for day 9 of the month of Tater because I’m completely blank on what to say today. Since I wrote this last year, I’ve had a reason to mention the fact that I’ve been a janitor(not a very good one) and a newspaper delivery guy. My 8th job was at a market research firm where I called medical professionals and asked questions about medications. After that, I started my life as a librarian. Enjoy “classic Tater” and I will try to be back with a new episode tomorrow.

The World's Common Tater

So, this whole first seven jobs thing has been floating around and I’ve considered doing it, but never got around to it. I was just going to post a list, but a friend just posted hers on Facebook with narrative, so I decided to that as well here. So, here they are:

  1.  Ohio County Board of Education – I’m not sure what the actual job title was. It was part of the summer youth jobs program. I was placed here two summers in a row. We took delivery of textbooks, stamped them with their number for tracking, counted out the proper number for each school and then delivered them to the schools. Not a bad summer job. All I remember from this job is remembering that I was still weird and awkward around adults.
  2. Commons Grill at UK – Not sure if that was the real name of the…

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