A Sad State of Affairs

Beware: Day 4 of the Month of Tater is a political post. Proceed with caution.

We are in a sad state of affairs here in the United States of America. We have a president who:

at the very least filled his campaign staff with criminals and traitors

very possibly is one himelf

wishes he could control the Justice Department so he could use it to punish his enemies

daily insults and degrades others both in person and on Twitter

We Congressional Republicans who refuse to speak out against him unless they are on the way out the door.

We have reports that the Clinton campaign worked with the DNC to sabotage her opponent’s campaign

We have Amercians spending their days arguing with and insulting each other over political issues both online and in real life

One I saw yesterday was one veteran telling another she disavows he service and no longer considers him a veteran because he disagreed with her on the Bergdahl case.

The country is split and broken and we have no leaders who care about anything but themselves.



6 thoughts on “A Sad State of Affairs

  1. I’m a veteran – 20 years active duty – and I served to protect the Bill of Rights, which gives people the right to disagree with me. I disagree with the outcome of the Bergdahl trial, but that doesn’t make people who feel differently any less patriotic than I am.
    My greatest fear at this point: the most likely thing to get Americans to get back to seeing their political alignment as less important than, first, our common humanity, and second, our being Americans, is a common threat; and would-be dictators have always tended to react to domestic challenges to their power and popularity by starting wars to provide that kind of common external threat. If this president tries that, I hope enough Americans see through it to keep it from working.

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