I Learned to Knock that Day

Not my normal blog post.  A dumb little poem inspired by a friend talking about the day they learned to knock on their parents’ door before barging in. I said I was going to write a children’s book called “I Learned to Knock that Day” The following is the best I could do.

Many nights I went to bed and slept like a rock, sadly that was not the case the day I learned to knock.

My sleep was interrupted by a dream. It was really bad. The only thing to ease my mind was my mom and dad.

I jumped from bed, ran down the hall and opened up the door. I really wish that was it and there wasn’t any more.

I opened up the door and ran right in the room. My lack of hesitation the reason for my doom.

My mom and dad were in the room, but they were not adoze.  I noticed right away they were not wearing clothes.

Any more than this I really shouldn’t say. I will just tell you I learned to knock that day.

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