Day 16 – What I Miss

I was searching my blog again trying to find something and this one popped up. I’m feeling this a lot again these days as my youngest is in the process of applying for colleges and I rarely see my oldest anymore. Of course, as I type this several kids are crying in the library so I know there are parts of the little kids life I don’t miss.

The World's Common Tater

This challenge comes on the morning that my son is heading back to school and my daughter is in the middle of high school midterms so what I miss is easy. I miss when my kid were little and not moved out and close to leaving. I miss the simpler times when school wasn’t stressful and I spent most of my time off outside with the kids. I miss playing catch in the backyard, playing basketball in the driveway, taking them to the playground and just spending so much time with them. I miss the early days of coaching baseball before other adults sucked the joy out of the game. I miss winters at the gym watching and coaching basketball. I miss the drive to gymnastics with Jessica and waving at her when she walked past during class. I miss the dance studio and being a part of the recitals…

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