Lessons I’m Trying to Learn

I was looking for another post of mine and stumbled across this one. I have pretty much failed at all of these since writing it. Finding it was a good reminder of things I need to work on. Also, re-sharing with a very brief paragraph intro keeps me from feeling like I need to write an actual post again.

The World's Common Tater

In an effort to be a calmer, less angry person I am trying to learn several lessons that I think will make me a better, as opposed to a bitter, person.

  1. I Don’t Care: Obviously, this doesn’t mean be an asshole who doesn’t care about anyone but themselves(more on them later) but more about not caring about stuff that is annoying, ridiculous and just plain stupid, but in the long run don’t really matter. I care too much about things that really shouldn’t matter to me. I need to learn to ignore, or maybe laugh at, the stupidity in the world instead of letting it get to me.
  2. Ignore the Apples: Apples here actually mean assholes. Apples is the result of someone’s amusing auto correct. There are people in the world who are just not nice people. They care only about themselves and go through life not worrying about how…

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