What is My Lane?

So many things have happened since I left and returned from Manila. The week I was away started with Trump calling for the NFL to fire players who kneel during the anthem. The NFL responded with many more people kneeling. Right after I returned, 58 people were killed and hundreds were injured in the shooting in Las Vegas. I had an idea about the following post while I was away. I almost didn’t write it because it seems a little trivial after  Vegas, but I really didn’t think anyone needed any more posts from me on tragedies or the NFL so here it is.

In the current political climate it has become more common for athletes, actors, singers, sportswriters, really everyone to post their political views on social media. Every time an athlete or sportswriter does this it is inevitably followed by people telling them to stick to sports. When actors and singers speak out there are posts from people asking why they should care what an actor or singer has to say. Of course what this really means is that they disagree with what they said. The same people who want the left leaning celebrities to be quiet have no problem sharing post from Chachi, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent. My question is – wy should I care what you have to say about this? If an athlete should just shut up and play shouldn’t you just shut up and do whatever it is that you do? If no one should care what a celebrity has to say why should they care what a (insert your job here) has to say? Why do you think people should keep quiet because they have a certain job?

I’m a librarian. Should I only talk about libraries and books? Should doctors only talk about medicine? Should mail carriers only talk about the mail? You have no problem telling people to “stay in their lane” but how is telling someone that your lane? What is my lane? Regardless of occupation, we are all people with interest, thoughts and feelings about a variety of topics. The world is my lane and I will drive in it how I see fit.

5 thoughts on “What is My Lane?

  1. All of it.

    And if you were to ask, the answer you would get would be some blanket of free speech…which is the same right you are exercising…that they prefer you not….until it’s their turn to. As simply as you’ve put it is *actually* how simple it is. But hypocrisy is a strong force to fight😞 So is Chachipower.

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    1. It is fascinating. I see the same on Facebook where people consistently post their opinion and then as soon as people start talking about the opposite view they shut down and say they are tired of people talking about it.

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      1. Fascinating indeed. My “favorite” facebook argument is someone calling someone judgmental (which they usually clearly are)….then 27 responses, “Isn’t you calling someone judgmental *being* judgmental!? Don’t be a hypocrite!” 😴😴😴


  2. I’m retired. So I’m also cranky at times. I like to post as a cranky old broad with opinions. I try to be cogent. I’m also pretty much preaching to the choir, since by now, I’ve weeded out all those “friends” on FB who feel compelled to call me a snowflake because I’m a liberal and criticize the man in the White House and Congress. Anyone else on the opposite side of the aisle manages to scroll by my posts that they don’t agree with, recognizing that sometimes we’ll disagree. What really bothers me most is the hypocrisy and name calling that seems to be the norm, rather than intelligent discourse. (I have been known to call public figures names, but that’s not personal. Hahahahahahahahaha.)

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