Alone Again, Naturally

My family has abandoned me for the weekend. When I knew a weekend alone was coming I thought the same thing I always think, that I’m going to do all the things they never want to do. I always look toward it thinking I’m going to fill all of the time with movies, food, TV, etc. It never seems to work out that way.  Already tonight my plan is to eat leftovers, watch a show or two on the DVR and then watch The Wailing on DVD. Pretty exciting evening there.

Tomorrow I plan to go see It. That is the one thing I think I will actually do. I plan to go to the noon showing, so my thought is that I will go out somewhere and get a good breakfast and then go to the movie. What i more likely is that I will sit on the couch drinking coffee until it i time to get ready to go to the movie.  My thought then will be that I will go get a decent dinner because I didn’t really eat lunch. What will likely happen is that I will maybe get carry out from a convenient place and eat on the couch while watching TV.

Sunday will be easy. I will go to church, go to work and then watch the Ravens game. All of those things will actually happen.

I’m such an exciting guy.

4 thoughts on “Alone Again, Naturally

  1. Remedial Stitcher October 6, 2017 / 11:22 pm

    Good plans. I was thinking of planning on going to see the new Blade Runner and probably not actually doing it.

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