My Weird, Rambling “Live” Weekly Wrap Up

Two weeks ago I decided I would start a post each week called the weekly wrap up. I would schedule it to post on Friday and throughout the week I would add my thoughts on things that happened.  Like pretty much everything else with my blogging, I failed. I didn’t start a post this week and didn’t jot down any thoughts on anything.  So, for this week I will try a “live” type of weekly wrap up.

It’s been a crazy week. We had a weekend of Nazi’s and white supremacists marching in Virginia. A woman protesting them killed when someone drove a car in to the crowd. We have a president who refuses to outright condemn the Nazi’s. On the personal side of things, work has been a crazy week of eclipse glasses hysteria. We handed out our first supply Monday morning and were out 3 minutes after we opened the doors. Most of our calls this week were people calling to see if we had glasses. We are handing more out tomorrow. I’m happy to say I won’t be there for that. I’m also happy to say that I decided a couple of months ago to take Monday off as well. I also got word early in the week that my brother was in the hospital with a “cardiac episode” that turned out to be a heart attack. He has been released from the hospital and says he is feeling good. Not the greatest news to wake up to. So, in summary, I submit that I was way to distracted to do a proper weekly wrap up this week.

Instead of some stuff I was going to write about being irritated with people who tend to post “stop talking about the stupid statue debate” and then proceed to talk about it constantly because what they really mean is that they want people to disagree with them to stop talking about it(I lied. I did write about it) I will end with this – Life is short. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow. Don’t live a life of regrets. Don’t live a life filled with hate. Make the most of every day. Love your neighbors. Make the world a better place. Take the time to spend time with friends and family. No one will say on their death bed that they wish they spent more time at work or that they wished they had spent a little more energy on hating people.

4 thoughts on “My Weird, Rambling “Live” Weekly Wrap Up

  1. Monika Sharma August 18, 2017 / 8:27 am

    Well penned… Totally agree with you. We all have a small life and we should not waste it for small fights, hate and regret. I think when we get old… We must have some brilliant memories that make us smile & peace…. Not regret of doing something.

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  2. jrfinley August 18, 2017 / 1:53 pm

    Hate always seems to be based on fear – if someone or something does not feel like a threat in any way, it’s almost impossible to hate them/it. Hate and rage are toxic, in that the emotions themselves do nothing to harm the object of the hate and rage but make the bearer physically, emotionally, and spiritually ill.

    Knowing that, sometimes I still find it hard not to hate people like the Nazis and the Klan, because they do present a threat to a lot of people and societal institutions I love. It messes with the spiritual outlook I’ve spent decades building in recovery programs and therapy. I wish I could figure out a way to feel otherwise while still taking any action I can to defend what’s good. My shadow’s there, though, and if I don’t acknowledge it and keep an eye on it, before I know it, the shadow’s behind the wheel and programming the GPS.

    Bigots are usually willfully looking away from their shadows, denying that those shadows are what they are, and blaming whatever they secretly feel worst about in themselves and their own lives on somebody else – always someone too powerless to effectively defend themselves, because they’re fear-based cowards. They pick a group that is small in numbers and/or power and accuse them of taking over the world. Bigots are the world champions of irony-blind projection.

    Bias against ‘the other’ seems built into human nature, but real adults introspect, see it for what it is, and don’t let it guide their actions. The best cure is to get to know that other and turn them from an abstraction into someone we can relate to.

    Ultimately, it’s like the old story about feeding the dogs – everyone has two dogs inside, one that loves and one that’s rabid. The one that ends up defining us is whichever one we choose to feed.

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  3. Remedial Stitcher August 20, 2017 / 6:56 am

    Good thoughts there. I think a good description of what we’re living through just popped up in my word o’ the day, daymare, or waking nightmare. You had your own personal one on top of the shared one this week.

    I’m so glad to hear that there actually are more eclipse glasses to be had. I’ll tell my friend JoAnn, who was thinking about trying to get some. I’ll tell her to call her library. I’m sure they’ll be pleased to hear from her. Of course, she has to find a library that’s open on Sunday and near her. Hers may be one of the ones they decided to close on Sundays a few years ago in a cost-cutting move.

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