Tater’s Weekly Wrap Up

A new feature(the only feature?) here at Tater World Headquarters. My weekly wrap up(things I remembered to jot down when they were in my head).

Scaramucci – Can you do the fandango? Sorry. That song is in my head whenever I think of his name.  11 days on the job.  That’s an achievement. It’s gotta be hard to be so bad that you’re fired after days. I guess with his wife divorcing him and losing his job he will have both the time and the need to practice that feat he attributed to Steve Bannon.

Christie – I have to say that I’m actually on his side on this one. You can’t yell stuff at someone at a baseball game and assume they are just going to ignore you. It doesn’t matter if they are a public figure or not. If you plan on opening your mouth you need to be ready to back it up. You don’t want Chris Christie in your face? Keep your mouth shut.

“Is That Still On?” People – Any time there is a post about a TV show that is not considered “highbrow” people jump in the comments to say things like “Is that still on?” or something similar to make sure everyone knows that they are too intelligent and special to watch such a show. I guess they think we are impressed. We are not.

The Huddled Masses – In announcing the new immigration policy Stephen Miller disregards the poem on the Statue of Liberty because it was added later. I guess that is how they plan to disregard some of the Bill if Rights. Amendments are, by definition, added later. Hmm. Also – I wrote a new version of the poem for them here.

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