Tater’s Friday Off Thoughts on Crime and Punishment and Other Random Things

I just saw an article about another Manson family member being up for parole. The entire post is not about this, but I did write it when another Manson family member was up for parole. Again, I’m not saying I think they should be released. I’m just saying that 1. I’m amazed that people still have such strong feelings about it and 2. if it was not a famous case the odds of parole would be higher. Anyway, enjoy this repeat while I suffer from writer’s block and/or laziness.

The World's Common Tater

I was out early on my Friday off to run some errands and to take my phone in to the Apple store because it was having issues charging. All of my other errands went smoothly, but the Apple store did not. I got there a little before 10 and they had someone outside the store checking people in. I was one of the first to  be checked in, but no one called my name while others from the line received help. When I went up to inquire about my spot in line they tried the whole “all those people had appointments” line but stopped when I told them I knew that was not true. They finally admitted that they screwed up and didn’t have me in the queue at all. Even with that, they still didn’t put me at the top of the list when they added me back in…

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2 thoughts on “Tater’s Friday Off Thoughts on Crime and Punishment and Other Random Things

  1. Thanks for the info about the Manson folks. I had no idea! And you’re right – about everything. Mansons. Kids fighting in school. The frustration of waiting for help at the Apple Store. Well done. 🙂


    1. I’m going to copy that part where you say I’m right about everything and share it with my family. 🙂 I might be a little obsessed with the Manson case. Thanks for the kind words.


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