Some Tater Quick Takes

I’ve tried several times to post recently and deleted everything because they were a mess. My reading has also slowed down lately. I don’t know if they are connected, but I think my time away at the conference this week is a needed break to clear my head. So, I will do some quick takes on some things that have entered my muddled mind lately.

  • I follow two different musicians on Facebook. They used to be friends and no now longer speak. One posted this week about his story of depression and anxiety. The other posted(without naming names) how terrible is to pretend to have these issues and blame your bad behavior on them. I don’t know the situation, but I do think it sucks for someone to assume they know if someone has depression and anxiety. You can still be mad at them for whatever they did, but accusing them of lying about a diagnosis is bad form. Here’s hoping I’m correct that neither one would ever read this blog.
  • I spent Tuesday on stage at a work thing as Master of Ceremonies. I’m not sure why they ever decided I was the best person out of the hundreds on staff, but there I was.  I get extremely nervous about this and never feel quite comfortable, but I will admit that I like the aftermath when everyone tells me how much they enjoyed it. They may be lying, but it makes me feel good. It’s a little hard to go back to being invisible after a day in the spotlight.  I’m still disappointed that they chose Ryan Seacrest over me to co-host Live with Kelly.
  • Next week I go from the spotlight to the crowd at the Maryland Library Association Conference where I will constantly be in a crowd of people. I am terrible at mingling or “networking” at these things so I will generally be found at the receptions standing awkwardly in the corner with a drink. I love the pub quiz on the second night because you spend all of the time answering questions instead of trying to make small talk. Maybe we should do multiple nights of pub quiz. Or maybe karaoke. That would also limit the small talk portion of the night. I would rather sing poorly in front of people than try to make small talk with strangers.
  • Monday is my mom’s birthday. A week from tomorrow is Mother’s Day. The first of each since my mom passed away. It will be a tough week for all of us. The distraction of the conference is coming at the perfect time. Or the worst time. I’m not really sure and won’t be until I live the week.
  • Finally, a peak ahead to what will be coming soon on this space – my reaction to the network upfronts when the TV


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