Survivor Game Changers: Why?

Welcome to this week’s installment of Tater’s rambling thoughts on Survivor.





This week on Survivor we barely see much before we are heading to a reward challenge. In this reward challenge only two people per tribe will participate so someone has a chance to be a hero for their tribe at the risk of being the one blamed for the loss. In the beginning of the challenge it looks like Ozzy and JT are set to be heroes while Tai is set to be the goat. Things change quickly in Survivor, though, and Tai is saved by the heroics(if you can call throwing bean bags at things heroic) of Culpepper. Poor Troyzan ends up the one to blame for the loss. Good thing he has hat idol. I do think it’s interesting how people who didn’t even compete are more than willing to complain that the person who competed blew it.

We got a little bit of coverage from the camps before we head to the next challenge. JT and Malcolm seem to be building an alliance with the idea of voting Sandra out. Hmm. I cant really recall much from the other tribes pre challenge. I really need to start taking notes while watching.

The challenge is a fun one to watch, but didn’t really provide a lot of dramatics.  The dramatics came before the challenge when Probst announced that two tribes would go to tribal council that night, so 1st place i the only one that matters. It was a close challenge with Andrea getting her ball in place before Varner. My daughter said it wasn’t a shock because they didn’t really show much from that tribe leading up to the challenge so she knew they wouldn’t go to tribal council.The big shock for the tribes is that the two tribes will go to tribal together and vote out one person.

Back at the camps it seems that it should be easy. One tribe has the numbers so they should be able to pick who they want to go home. JT considers voting with the other tribe to get Sandra out. Hali considers betraying her tribe as well. Tai finds an idol which complicates things further. Tribal is crazy with whispered conversations everywhere. I can’t tell which side JT is actually on, but I’m pretty sure his end game was not Malcolm being voted out. I’m also not sure which side Hali is on at this point. I do know that I think they made a mistake in voting for Malcolm with Sandra sitting there. My judgment might be clouded because Malcolm is one of my favorite players, but leaving Sandra in the game seems like a big mistake. I also think this might lead to JT not rejoining that group at the merge. They took out his one ally on the tribe, disregarded his advice to vote Sandra and left him looking like he betrayed his current tribe. If he survives to the merge I’m not sure where he goes. It must suck to be the one voted out in the weird tribal council with someone else’s tribe getting rid of you. You can’t really game plan for that and that is why I love the twists like this even if it did lead to Malcolm being gone.

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