Planning My Funeral

I went to a memorial service yesterday. At the beginning of the service, they invited family and friends to come forward to speak. I love this. It is so much more personal than a random pastor who may or may not know the person giving a standard, generic funeral service. I was telling my friend who was there that I liked services like that and that I need to plan my own funeral so it isn’t boring. I’ve already told some friends that they have to have a wake for me when I die. I want people to get together and drink and laugh and remember the good times. I think maybe I should also plan my own funeral.

I would want friends and family to be invited to speak. I would hope that they would know that I would want them to balance the sad with some funny stories about me. I would need someone to be in charge of the “Oscar music” to play people off stage if they got too boring, or perhaps a gong to tell them they are done. There are plenty of pastors out there who actually know me, so finding one who could personalize that portion of the service would not be hard. Also, someone needs to tell Chris Moore that he has set a precedent after yesterday and is now required to write a letter to be read at my funeral.

Music – no piped in music, no slow, sad hymns. I want something like in this clip from the show The Wedding Band where the band sings Don’t You Forget About Me at a friend’s funeral. Maybe someone can round up some of the HCLS Teen Idol kids to sing some interesting songs like that.

After the service, instead of a meal at church, everyone would be invited somewhere for the aforementioned wake.

Hopefully, the event of my death will be so far in the future that no one will remember this post(who am I  kidding, no one will remember this post tomorrow), but I really am serious that I really don’t want my funeral to be boring. Everyone reading this is now in charge of making sure that doesn’t happen.


11 thoughts on “Planning My Funeral

  1. I’m with you. I need to plan my funeral. The religious aspect should be kept to a minimum. What I want is lots of fun and laughter. Some sobbing is allowed (I’m guilty of not being able to hold back the sobbing at funerals for people I truly care about). And it’s got to be all about the wake. Good food, abundant booze, and a celebration of my fun side, limited emphasis on that mother bear side of me, and nothing maudlin.

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  2. Oh, and I forgot. Chris Moore must send a message to be read at my funeral too. I mean, really. Who always gets the gang together when he’s in town? Maybe he doesn’t see that as a good thing.

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  3. This is a very morbid thought exercise. I’m not sure how much I care about how people plan my funeral. I guess donate what’s useful and maybe… a viking funeral for the rest? That would be cool.


  4. Ahaha I’ve thought about this too! Look I know everyone will be sad because I’m great and who could possibly want me dead? But please, listen to some mid-aughts emo songs, take a couple shots of Jameson, and spread my ashes over the snow.

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  5. I love this. Yes, maybe we should all plan our own funerals. Also, I think all your blogger friends (those who outlive you anyway) should fly in from all over the world. How impressed will your mourners be by the global outpouring of sadness and support!!! Really, I’ve already noted the songs I want at my funeral, because for me the songs are the best part. If you haven’t already, check out David Giffels’ memoir, _Furnishing Eternity_–at the back, he has a huge funeral playlist. It’s awesome.

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