On Marches and Life

Last weekend was the women’s march in Washington. I had a lot of friends go down to march and I support them and their right to march. I had other friends who did not support the march because pro-choice organizations and people were involved. Today is the march for life. I’m sure I have friends who are in Washington for that as well. I also support them and their right to march. I hope that regardless of how you feel about either march you understand that the right to march is a fundamental part of America. You can disagree, but you have to support the right to free speech.

Now, the next part has been in my head for a day and I have hesitated  writing and posting it because I think people will be angry with me. I am operating on 5 hours(split into two 2.5 segments with 9 hours awake in between) of sleep and my judgment is impaired so here goes:

I respect the idea of the pro-life movement and agree that in a perfect world there would be no unwanted pregnancies, no dangerous pregnancies and no reason for anyone to consider an abortion. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world and even if abortion were illegal they would still happen, just in a more dangerous and life threatening manner. I also believe that there is a fundamental flaw in the thinking of a lot of the pro-life movement. I don’t think everyone who is pro-life fit the following, but enough do to make it troubling.

I am pro-life – unless you are a refugee trying to flee a war zone and then I will refuse to help because your religion is scary to me. I am not pro your life.

I am pro-life – unless you are an African-American man who may or may not have committed a crime and may or may not have a weapon. If the police shot you, you probably deserved it. I am not pro your life

I am pro-life – unless you have a pre-existing condition and can’t get insurance once the ACA is abolished. I am not pro your life.

I am pro-life – unless you committed certain crimes. I don’t care that the system is flawed and innocent people have been sentenced to death. I am not pro your life.

I am pro-life – but don’t ask me to support my tax money going to welfare programs for poor single moms to be able to support the child once they are born.

I am pro-life and family – but I support tearing families apart to get rid of all of those brown people who have invaded my country. I’m not pro your family.

I am pro-life as long as we are talking only about an unborn baby and then who cares after that. I believe it was Trevor Noah who compared it to collectors. It is priceless until it is removed from its wrapper and then we don’t care any more.

Be pro-life. Just be pro everyone’s life at all times of life for every life regardless of who they are, who they worship. who they love.

25 thoughts on “On Marches and Life

  1. Reblogged this on Ephemereality and commented:
    From a friend. Not to explain something that I got right away, but just to clarify: When he says, “I am pro-life,” he’s describing the general voice of someone who proclaims they’re “pro-life” … then ticks off all their exceptions, as my friend points out.

    Tikkun olam.


  2. Well said. This is the problem I have with the use of the term “pro-life.” It’s purely pro-life of an unborn fetus for that movement. Life is more than that one thing. Life after birth doesn’t seem to be of any interest to them. They don’t care what happens. They did their job and got that fetus born.


  3. I am pro-life, and I agree that the movement needs to be better than these caricatures, a lot which comes from the Republican-aligned, deeply conservative Evangelical context. Us Christians are simply hypocrites and can’t call our beliefs biblical if our definition of protecting life doesn’t include the sojourner, the orphan, the widow, the imprisoned, and the outcast. I could talk forever about this, but if it brings you any hope at all, there are many pro-lifers who have broken from the typical political constraints and have chosen to think critically about the issue at hand while taking action. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thanks! I think it is the best one I’ve written, but I can’t share it when blogging groups tell you to share your best post because politics isn’t allowed. It’s frustrating because I really believe it and wish more people would see it.

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