Shut Up and Do Something

Working on a new post. In the meantime, enjoy classic tater.

The World's Common Tater

My rant of today involves a growing trend I see of people talking a lot, but not really doing anything. 

Yesterday I read this article – about bullying at my son’s school. In this case, the girl went to the administrators and absolutely nothing was done. This is the same school where a few years ago a boy was being bullied, nothing was done, the parents pulled him out of the school and he was later beat to death on the street by other teens. This is also the same school that earlier in the year made the news because they held a big anti-bullying rally featuring people from Facebook and the Cartoon Network.  Obviously, the rally was nothing more than a smoke screen to hide the fact that what is really happening is that reported bullying is swept under the rug and kept quiet to make the school…

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